COMA 2019

Dear Friends and Families, 2019 COMA Executive Committee wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. We are very excited to lead Central Ohio Malayalee Association this year.

     Hope you all have made your New Year resolutions and are looking forward to a great year ahead. We have made ours for COMA and our main focus this year would be to have fun, be more active, give back to the community and empower our youth.

COMA Membership for 2019 is now open and we have expanded the Sustaining membership to include a Couples and Individual option as well. Get your memberships early and avail member benefits from the get go!

We look forward to having a great year ahead!

Yours Sincerely,

2019 COMA Executive Committee – (Girish, Rajesh, Sheeja, Arun & Ravi)

With great support from:

  • Veda, Prahlad, Venu Uncle, Madhu & Priya  (Malayalam Class)
  • Priya & Praveen Kumar, Manjula Nair (COMA Monthly Newsletter)
  • Nish Nishanth(Meals On Wheels)

Oru Adipoli Night!

We are very delighted and thankful to all of you that the first event of 2019 was well received by the entire COMA community. We got a lot of positive feedback and many people let us know that they really enjoyed the event. As we had mentioned, the event was designed to have fun and increase the interaction among the members. Another positive note is that we were able to conduct the event in a timely manner – started on time and kept the pace going till the very end.

It was so amazing to see all the performances and all the new talents in our community. We noticed that many of you came out of your comfort zone and performed the very first time. You all are great team players.

It was a great team work and thanks again for the overwhelming support. Thank you all the volunteers for the help conducting the event. Together, we made the name of the event meaningful ‘Oru Adipoli Night’ and it is added to our joyful memories. We are planning many such events this year and we’re looking forward to your continued support!