We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A note from the 2016 EC team

Thanks to all of you for helping your COMA 2016 EC team lead a memorable 2016. In 2016, we welcomed the largest group of COMA membership ever and hosted the largest Onam and Christmas functions. We expanded our outreach to support diverse charities – YWCA, Meals on wheels and charitable support in India. As a community, we have been able to host and showcase Kerala’s rich cultural talents in the quality of our cultural programs and our active involvement in International functions like Asian festival and sports events like Cricket. As we mourned the tragic loss of one of our own - Salil Nair, we came together as a community to honor and cherish their contribution and memories. Our Malayalam class volunteers provided the opportunity for our children to learn Malayalam and appreciate their heritage. The unsung heroes are your countless COMA volunteers who show up for every event and worked tirelessly to showcase the best of Kerala be it in our Sadhya, Vipanchika, Chenda, Thiruvathira, Jugal Bandhi, Margam Kali, Christmas Carols to name a few or the numerous stage decorations and upkeep of every functions on time. We are proud of our COMA youth team who follow their parent’s footsteps and volunteer in each and every COMA event and charity events. We volunteer to write, collate and publish our success in our COMA newsletter and share in social media to the entire world on how proud we are to be part of COMA. Thanks to all of your collective efforts, your COMA is a respected Indian organization in central ohio and your 2016 EC team is honored and thankful for the opportunity to lead COMA. As we welcome the 2017 EC team to lead us to even greater heights, we wanted to wish all of COMA a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!