Giving back to Kerala

…a COMA giving back to the community initiative

“ I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” – Maya Angelou.

We are sure that every one of us has our own way of giving, whether it is to our community, our choice of charity or simply to whoever is in need. Knowing that, we want to call your attention to this new initiative by COMA – Giving back to Kerala. This initiative is to identify causes back in Kerala and support them in two ways: 

  1. Sustaining Support:The idea is that each of us will donate an amount($1 or above) of your choice on a monthly basis.This money will then be donated to the charity or cause as mentioned above, on a set cadence ( quarterly, twice a year or annually). 
  2. One time Support: The idea is to conduct fundraising events to collect funds and provide something tangible for a chosen cause.

We don’t think any of you need any convincing on why we should give what we can and as often as we can. The hesitation, usually comes about regarding the fund allocation. The common perception and sometimes rightly so, is that some charity organizations do not ensure that the funds are utilized in the right way. There is always the concern whether the money or resources reach the people who really need it or does it get lost in the middle. COMA EC and Trustees will see to it that the right monitoring is enforced to ensure that the money is utilized properly and will make sure that there is a tangible measure for dispersing the funds. 

Every religion and every book of God tells us to do the same, help those in need, be kind to the less fortunate and give whatever we can. The people who have made a difference in the world also tells us to do the same. This is one action where there is no scale, anything and everything counts. 

Please see the details of the causes that have been chosen for this year: 

  • Sustaining need
    • Entity: Gandhi Bhavan Saranalayam
    • Location: Kareepra, Kollam
    • More than a hundred elderly men and women are rehabilitated here with proper protection, medical care, physical and psychological care facilities.
  • One-time need
    • Entity: Sree Chitra Home
    • Location: Trivandrum, Kerala
    • Provides education, full care, accommodation and medical care for 250 destitute and unsupported children.
    • Currently, need financial support to build a facility to host bystanders of Regional Cancer Center patients who need financial assistance

How do I make payments: 

  • Sustaining support:
    • Schedule payment via Chase Quickpay to and schedule a cadence. This is the preferred method as we don’t lose money in commissions
    • Schedule payment via Paypal and schedule a cadence 
    • To make this process easier and efficient, we are working to get more payment methods like Gpay and will update you soon. 
  • One time support:
    • Send one time payment via Chase Quickpay to Write COMA Charity on the notes.
    • Send one time payment via Paypal at
    • Pay with a check payable to COMA – write COMA Charity Support on the memo field
    • Purchase tickets and participate in the fund raising activities

Please remember that together,  we can make some real meaningful differences in people’s lives. 

“ We can do no great things, only small things with great love “ – Mother Teresa

COMA Charity Team


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