COMA (Central Ohio Malayalee Association) is an association run by Malayalees for Malayalees in the Columbus metropolitan area. The Central Ohio Malayalee Association (COMA) was formally registered as a “not for profit” organization in October 2007. COMA strives to bring Central Ohio Malayaees together and also organizes various cultural and seasonal events throughout the year.

Some of the organization’s goals include:

  • Provide a forum to promote and preserve social and cultural integration of Malayalees in Central Ohio
  • Promote friendship and cultural exchange with similar organizations in the US
  • Promote the enrichment of life and social welfare of the local community in general and Malayalees in particular

Membership Pricing

  • $15 per family for annual membership (Admission fee for regular events* required)
  • $120 for sustaining membership (Admission fee for regular events* not required)

*Regular Events:

  1. Talent show
  2. Summer Picnic
  3. Onam
  4. Christmas
  5. Any other event determined by the Executive Committee

Contact Us
You can send an email to coma.officials@gmail.com and one of the executive committee members will get back to you.