October Newsletter 2020

An October day is characterized by colourful trees and a gentle breeze, a picturesque scene for photographs. Fall is a time of change, change in weather, change in the colour of leaves, and change in the behaviours of animals. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2nd of 1869. This year we celebrated the 151st anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhiji not only was an advocate for India’s freedom but is also an idol for freedom fighters around the globe.

Photo Courtesy- Nimil Peethambaran

Like nature, we must also be ready to accept the change that COVID-19 brings along with it. In order to pull through these tough times, we must not only have a healthy body but also a healthy mind. October 10 was World Mental Health Day, which is a day that is set aside to help raise awareness for mental health. Due to COVID-19, mental health problems have increased. Everybody has different ways of handling stress and anxiety. Here are some ways you could try to reduce stress.

  • Listen to music
  • Read a book or poem(October 1 was National Poetry Day)
  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Participate in community services and activities
  • Do something you enjoy

Have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget to get your flu shots!


– Ravikumar Hariharan

The strong winds gushed past my ears. The waves of the mighty ocean, as though hesitantly, kissed my feet and quickly retreated. As I walked along the beachside, even the sky made his intention clear bursting out into huge streaks of lightning. Slowly I came to rest on the beach sands, with my eyes viewing the distant horizon.

I came all this way, to see the golden sunset into the depths of the ocean. But somehow even the sun, eluded me as he hid himself behind the darkest of the clouds. Neither did the moon appear, even if he did, I wouldn’t have known, for the sky itself was turning itself into a big moon, painting itself grey. I felt a raindrop on my eyelids, slowly easing its way down through my cheeks. I dragged my eyes from the distance to view the things happening around me, the beach sands, that hugged each other to make a beautiful whole, the water that hissed and roared, but made a cool and soft impact as they touched my feet. I looked at all those sand particles that glued itself to my feet, and would never let go.

I looked at the children who jumped up and down, dancing in glee. Some were playing with the waves, and the waves like a true friend, always entertained and never let them down. Though very vague against the dull dark background, I could still see a host of birds fly across dark firmament. The waves continued to wet my feet, bringing with it sand that made a thicker layer on my skin. It was a long 14 years since I stepped onto the beach sands, and for all the craving, these sand particles will not let go of me!!! I looked at the vast ocean of life and thanked him for these humble offerings, for these moments of happiness and fortune, he had selflessly offered me. I was seated a fair distance away from him, but thanks to him, he still never forgot to let those cool waves kiss my feet, and pour in those sand particles onto my skin. This ocean of life has always been kind to me, I thought. Now was my chance to give something back to him, I got up from my place and moved closer to the waters. Bent down onto the beach sands. I wrote on them a big “Thank you”.To this big ocean of life, this is all I can give!!! And here came the waves and imbibed my message, and as if like a token of love, swept cool waves onto my feet.

 I started on my way home, dragged myself away from those waves, which every time tried to lure me into coming back by gushing in with greater strength and covering greater distances. When I was a fair distance from the shore, I slowly wiped off the dust from my feet. Thanked all the sweet and fortunate moments life had offered me and got ready to face the new world around me. The sky around was still dark, and frightening. I knew that the way ahead in life would be tough. I gave a final peep into the horizon and saw the full moon now smiling at me. The sky was slowly clearing, and the moonlight now fell on the water giving it a beautiful silvery tint. With this newfound hope, I started walking, in search of myself, in search of the newer moments life would bring. But looking back at the waters, I said to myself and to them.”Bye, I will come again to see you another day !!!”

Youth Corner

My White Water Rafting

– Niraj Rajeev

I was doing river rafting in West Virginia “This is going to be great,” I thought to myself. When we got to the registration area they said to sign a waiver. I was going with a family friend. My dad signed the form, and we got our equipment, a life jacket, a helmet, and a one-sided paddle. Then we got on a bus and went to the place that we were going to get dropped off at. We filled the raft with air, and placed it on the water and got on with five other people. When the guide said, “Give me two”, we had to paddle two times. We were off, I felt excited and scared. Then we got to the first rapid and cold water splashed into the boat and, “Oh god hold on Niraj, hold on” thought to myself. On the third rapid the guide said you can swim and I said “Yes!” When I jumped into the river, cold water grabbed me. “Have I gone mad?” I thought to myself and I swam the rapid. It was fun and the day ended. We went to the house where we were staying. It was an exciting and adventurous experience.  

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

October 11, 2020: Jayabalan Achuthan,Deepa Jayabalan and Adithya Jayabalan
Completed Route: # V1600

October 25, 2020: Sudha Warrier, Syam Ayyar and Govi Warrier
Completed Route: # V1801

Thank you, we greatly appreciate your work!

COMA’s Christmas Celebration 2020

Yes, Christmas is around the corner and we are still indoors with limitations to gatherings, but that does not restrict us from having fun & celebrations. COMA is excited to bring another virtual event to celebrate Christmas – “COMA’s Christmas with the gifted!” on Saturday, December 5th late evening.

Though we will miss the usual Christmas feast and photo with Santa, we will have some special guests to be part of our celebration. The program will be a blend of pre-recorded events and some marvellous Live Performances by renowned artists from Kerala along with gifting a charity for a noble cause.

Stay tuned for more information and do reach out to coma.officials@gmail.com for any questions.


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