Girish Manoharan


Girish lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife Deepthi and two kids, Akash and Shreya. He is from Kollam and has been an active COMA member since inception. Girish enjoys playing badminton, watching movies, and at times, portrait photography.

Manjula Nair


Manjula has been in Columbus since 2001 and lives in Powell now. She has been part of the COMA community since she came to Columbus, even before it became an official organization. Manjula considers the community members as her family and the feeling has been reciprocated time and time again. She is originally from Trivandrum, and she has two sons, Adithya (Nandu) and Arvind (Kannan). Manjula is a huge movie buff and has a bad habit of getting into heated discussions about movies. Her friends are greatly entertained by this, of course, and they think it is hilarious. Manjula loves music and is a huge fan of old classics. She loves to travel and dreams of traveling the world someday.

Ajoy Kumar


Ajoy has been in Columbus since 1995 and currently lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife Beena. Ajoy is from Nagercoil, and Beena is from Kanjirappally. They have two kids, Arjun and Arvind. Ajoy has been an active member of COMA since its inception and was president in 2016. Ajoy enjoys watching sports and running.

Siva Ramaswami


Siva has been involved with the association since 2009, way before COMA was officially formed. He has been one of the COMA trustees since 2021 and was the president in 2013. He hails from Coimbatore and has a great love for Malayalam and its culture. He is an ardent fan of cricket, especially matches involving India. He also loves following chess and watching Malayalam movies in his spare time. Siva, with his spouse Suchi, lives in Westerville.

Rajiv Thomas


Rajiv lives in New Albany with his better half Vineetha and spirited two kids, Noah and Luke. His hometown is Kumbanad, but he mostly grew up in Delhi. He has lived in Columbus for almost 20 years. He is passionate about finance and helping community organizations thrive responsibly. He served as the auditor for COMA for 5 years between 2016-2020 and has been a trustee since 2021. Rajiv enjoys playing racquetball and is also a foodie. He is proud to be a part of COMA and tries to be one of the first people in line to enjoy the delicious food served at COMA events!

Ravi Hariharan


Ravi lives in Powell, OH with his wife Ramya and kids, Sahana and Saanav. He is from Ernakulam and has been a member of Coma since 2014. Ravi is a movie and music enthusiast and loves to play cricket, ping pong, and pickle ball.


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