C.O.M.A Newsletter June 2018

Hello Friends,

Summer is here and so being summer vacations! Most of us have planned family trips, road trips, trips down to India, etc.  We hope you stay safe in your travels and enjoy your much deserved break from school and work.


Here are the much-awaited photos from the mega musical program Chitrashalabhangal, which was conducted on May 19th, 2018. These photos really help to relive the magic that was that night. Thanks again to our in-house photographer, Ashish Muthiraparambath for capturing these behind the scenes and on-stage moments.

[Link to Photos]

Upcoming COMA Events

  • COMA Picnic (Register here) for this year has been scheduled on July 22nd ,2018 at Liberty park. We have planned multiple activities for every age group. Make sure you block your calendars! COMA youth wing has planned something special – they have planned an exciting and scrumptious BAKE SALE! We will be having a variety of yummy treats for kids as well as adults.If you would like to make a contribution by preparing one of your special secret recipes, please reach out to our coordinator Neelima Gopinath at neelimacg@gmail.com. She can help you with logistics.Example of treats you can prepare: Cutlets,puffs,samosas,chips, sandwiches,cakes,muffins,cupcakes,brownies,boondies, indian snacks … Whatever you bring we will sell!All proceeds from the bake sale will be going towards charity.
    So please do not hesitate to make a contribution today!
  • Onam 2018 has been scheduled for September 8th we have started its preparations already!  If you would like participate in a cultural event, please fill in the below google form and submit by August 3rd  :

Google Form for Onam Event Registration

[Entries received after the last date will be on waiting list] Selected entries will be informed by August 17th. The entries will be selected on first come-first serve basis and judged on variety, considering time constraints and audience interests.
Any queries? You can email us at coma.officials@gmail.com or contact Sangeetha Muthiraparabath (Secretary) at +1 (614) 571-7632 or Seethal Babu (Joint Secretary) at 215-821-4033.

Magical Evening with Muthukad
More than 100 people attended COMA’s Magical Evening with World Famous Magician from Kerala, Gopinath Muthukad. He entertained the crowd with his motivational speech and amazing magic tricks. It was even more special as he did not use the usual props for performing the magic!
Muthukad is also a social reformer who is working on the uplift of differently abled children via Acadamy of Magical Science that he founded. Please support his cause by contributing to his initiatives. Additional information here: Link

You can make a donation for this noble cause here-


Shout out to proud graduate of 2018!

Osheen Oommen, Dublin Scioto High School:

  • Graduated as a valedictorian
  • Earned the celebration of excellence award
  • Community champion award
  • Scholar athlete award.
  • President of the Student Senate
  • Leader in the American Cancer Society
  • Awarded three varsity letters.

Parents: Thomas Oommen and Sheeja Oommen

Plans for the fall: University of Cincinnati in the Medical Sciences major
Wants to pursue medicine and study in the field of pediatrics

COMA Youth Corner

The Ruler of the Sea

By Arya Janardhanan

She’s the ruler of the sea,

She skips with glee,

Her thick skin,

Hard to beat, she’ll always win,

She’s big in size,

Almighty in disguise,

As she roams along the sea.


Who knows where she’ll go,

High or low,

She’ll never stop,

Always at the top,

She splashes her tail along the way,

Into the vast blue bay,

As she roams along the sea.

Community Service News  – Nish Nishant

COMA started Meals on Wheels deliveries in Jun 26th 2016. We deliver two routes every month, on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.

Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, June 24th :

  • Sunil Balkrishnan (registered driver)
  • Preeti Nair (first timer)
  • Ramya Ravikumar (first timer)

Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, June 10th :

  • Sudha Warrier (registered driver)
  • Raj Panicker
  • Praveen Kumar (first timer)

Please note that we are still welcoming volunteers to the COMA volunteer pool. A typical Meals on Wheels delivery involves about 4 hours of your time. If you’d like to volunteer, please get in touch with the EC team via coma.officials@gmail.com.

Get Involved!

COMA has a whatsapp group to socialize coma events, community news and so on. Please use the following link to join the group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/67hzscBz4Su8fQmpFtodpJ

Please let us know at coma.officials@gmail.com if you would like to get involved with any of the following:

  • YWCA Cook a Meal
  • COMA Youth Wing
  • Malayalam Class



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