Charity Events – Meals on Wheels

Coordinator: Nish Nishant

COMA does Meals on Wheels deliveries on the fourth Sunday of each month to roughly 16 homes since June 2016.  From February 2018, the schedule is increased to twice a month – added the second Sunday of the month as well.

If you would like to volunteer for Meals on Wheels program please contact We welcome young volunteers too, who are aged 12 or older.

Date Volunteers Notes
May 27 Arun Kumar, Jacob Vengal, Adithya Arun Completed
May 13 Nish Nishant, Shibu Nair, Arun Davis, Rohan Nishant Completed
April 22 Sudha Warrier, Saira Nawaz Completed
April 8 Rajesh Ramachandran, Megha Rajesh, Manjula Nair Completed
March 25 Rohan Shome, Shome Thomas Completed
March 11 Manoj Thomas, Sunil Balkrishnan, Unnikrishnan Nair Completed
February 25 Thomas Varughese, Rachel Varughese, Nithin Aryan Completed
February 11  Arun Kumar, Valsan Palika, Arun Chand Completed
January 28 Nish Nishant, Sunil Balkrishnan, Saira Nawaz Completed
December 24 Route unavailable Transferred to

Holiday Volunteers

November 26 Raj Panicker, Shibu Nair, Nikhil Nair Completed
October 22 Manoj Thomas, Thomas Varughese, Nithin Aryan Completed
September 24 Austin Pereira, Arun Kumar, Valsan Completed
August 27 Shome Thomas, Rohan Shome Completed
July 23 Nish Nishant, Arun Varkey, Rachel Mathew Completed
June 25 Arun Kumar, Priya Arun, Nish Nishant, Smitha Nishant Completed
May 28 Manoj Thomas, Julie Manoj, Ali Thomas, Melissa Thomas Completed
April 23 Joseph Abraham, Manoj Thomas, Melissa Thomas Completed
March 26 Arun Kumar, Austin Pereira, Jacob Vengal Completed
February 26 Jacob Vengal, Raj Panicker, Rajesh Ramachandran, Megha Rajesh Completed
January 22 Arun Kumar, Ajayan Janardhanan, Nish Nishant Completed
December 25 Nish Nishant, Arun Kumar Transferred to

Holiday Volunteers

November 27 Joseph Abraham, Joshua Joseph, Manoj Thomas, Alison Thomas Completed
October 23 Mary Eapen, Alex Eapen Completed
September 25 Joseph Abraham, Joshua Joseph, Nish Nishant, Mary Eapen Completed
August 28 Sudha, Nithya, and Govindan Warrier Completed
July 24 Nish Nishant, Jacob Vengal Completed
June 26 Nish Nishant, Arun Kumar, Aishwarya Arun Completed