An Appeal to Support Flood Relief Efforts in Kerala

C.O.M.A raised $43,974 and transferred to Kerala Chief Minister’s disaster relief fund. 

If you still would like to donate, you can do so by donating to Kerala CM Disaster Relief Fund:


Several people have lost their lives in the last few weeks due to the incessant rain and floods in Kerala. Thousands are rendered homeless, and most of Kerala is still under heavy rain with several parts flooded. The rainfall has reduced in since Sunday and water is receding from most of the affected areas. Army, IAF, Navy, NDRF, Coast Guard and the Fire Force along with the state police have mounted joint rescue and relief operations.

Central Ohio Malayalee Association is raising funds to support the relief efforts. We kicked off this campaign with a contribution of $1000 from long time C.O.M.A patron Venu Nair! We are grateful for his magnanimous support! The association is adding $2000 from our reserves. We request you to contribute generously to help our extended family to recover from the tragedy! The funds collected will be sent to Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF).

Message from Chief Minister of Kerala:


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