COMA Newsletter December 2017

Christmas Celebration

COMA ended the year with a swashbuckling Christmas celebration on Dec. 2nd at the Dublin Rec Center. The event included various crowd pleasing programs like Christmas Carol by the OMCC, Magic Show, Margam Kali, topped off with a Nutcracker themed ballet performance by Drake Dance Academy. The festivities was followed by a sumptuous Kerala style dinner server in an elegant setting. The night ended by the crowd dancing to various hit songs. Overall, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the final event of the year.

2017 – A Look Back!

As the year comes to an end, I want to take a moment to reflect on the various activities that COMA embarked on in 2017. This year’s Executive Committee consisted of Naushad Pasha (Vice President), Sindhu Rajgopal (General Secretary), Austin Pereira (Joint Secretary) and Anup Janardhanan (Treasurer). We did not know each other very well but soon came together and created a vision to “make COMA more than a cultural organization”. To achieve that vision, we decided to have two professional networking event, in addition to the regular four cultural programs (Valentine’s Day, Picnic, Onam & Christmas). The professional events attracted new members to COMA. I’m also happy to share that all the events attracted record crowd, helped by the burgeoning Malayali population in Central Ohio.

In addition to these event, COMA stepped up to take a leadership role within Federation of India Association activities and organized quarterly meetings with other local Indian groups. As a result of this, we participated in community activities like Field of Heroes ( and gave donation to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. There was also an increased level of collaboration amongst the local groups which helped each other out.

The EC team could not have done our job without the ardent support from the many volunteers, Trustees, Youth Wing, Malayalam class teachers, and Sponsors. We were able to secure many new sponsors this year. I encourage you to patronize them for the support they provided us. A final note of thanks to the EC team’s family members. It takes a lot of time & effort to organize these events. I want to share my deepest thanks and appreciation to the family members for allowing the EC team to spend our personal time bringing these events to the COMA. As an EC team, we had a lot of fun working together, and formed lasting relationships amongst ourselves, and with many COMA patrons who helped us out. I wish Valsan and the 2018 team best wishes as they start their planning activities. I’m excited to see their vision and am looking forward to another great year for COMA.

On a personal note, I want to thank my wife (Anuja) and our daughters (Arya & Anjali) for the steadfast support they provided me this year. From my family, and all members of the 2017 EC team, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Ajayan Janardhanan

2017 COMA President



Charity Donation: Open Shelter

COMA donated 5 toaster ovens to Open Shelter just before Thanksgiving. They were very appreciative of the thoughtful gesture at that time of the year.

Malayalam Class: Student Presentation

COMA Malayalam class students presented history of Christianity in Kerala during Christmas celebration. The presentation was done by Adit Anup, Shreya Mapadath, Abel, Abitha and Riya. The deck they presented is here.

Community Service News: Nish Nishant

COMA continued with its monthly Meals on Wheels participation through November. The route was delivered by Raj Panicker, Shibu Nair, and Nikhil Nair (youth) on 11/26.

COMA does Meals on Wheels deliveries on the fourth Sunday of each month to roughly 16 homes. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with the executive committee. We welcome young volunteers too, who are aged 12 or older.


Sponsor’s corner – Haveli Bistro

Haveli Bistro will be soon opening their doors in downtown Columbus.

FIA Forum

  • FIA Board of Trustees elected Ram Kasarla as the new FIA President for a 2 year term. Neil Patel was re-elected as the Chairman.
  • The Nov. 30th Board of Trustees meeting was attending by Kathy Crandall, Director from the Office of Homeland Security. She did a presentation on Public Safety Support.

Kairali Cup

Kerala Cricket Club of Michigan is announcing their prestigious Kairali Cup. If anyone in COMA is interested in participation, please the flyer below for details.

Vindhya Sankranthi Celebration 2018


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