Donation Different Art Center

This year for Christmas, COMA invites our compassionate supporters to take the opportunity to render a helping hand to the gifted children of the Different Art Centre – (an organization run by renowned magician turned philanthropist Shri Gopinath Muthukad).DAC equipped these kids with the tools and talent to earn a life of their own, but then came COVID and the lockdowns, which made the lives of these kids extremely tough. With venues closed, they lost their sole source of income. During this season of joy when the world emphasizes the importance of suffering and being thankful, let’s work towards re-empowering these kids to regain their dignity & to flourish in this beautiful world with their gifted talents. To make this humble cause a success we will have our renowned singer, Shri G.Venugopal & team joining us on December 5th with a live music performance. We humbly request all our families to extend your support for this fundraising event “COMA’s Christmas with the Gifted”, which will see its culmination with our Christmas event on December 5th You can be part of this drive by donating $27 or above . A large part of the costs for the event is footed from the existing fund and the remaining would be contributed to the cause. The event would be a donor-only event via a private link


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