C.O.M.A Newsletter May 2018

Hello Friends,

Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room! We just made history!

Chitrashalabhangal 2018


COMA just pulled of its biggest event yet with absolute flawlessness. What an honor it was to have KS Chitra and her team to perform for us in Columbus. Singer and Music director Sharreth, young singers Roopa Revathy and Nishad and their amazing orchestra added to the magic that was her voice. Having Chitra and her team in Columbus to celebrate COMA’s 10th year celebration was truly a dream come true. On behalf of C.O.M.A Executive Committee and Trustees, we are forever indebted for gracing us with their unforgettable musical performance.

On the day of the event, COMA was able to make an additional donation of $3000 to the families of the fallen Westerville Officers. The check was handed over to the Westerville police chief Joe Morbitzer.

A huge shout out to the amazing team of volunteers who had been planning meticulously for the past 3 months to bring you a memorable musical evening. Without them, this would not have been possible. Your hard work and time is much appreciated.

Photos from the event will be shared soon

Upcoming Event

Mcube – A Magical Evening With Gopinath Muthukad on July 2nd, 2018 at DCRC from 7:00 pm

Gopinath Muthukad is a well-known magician, escapologist, life coach, and motivational speaker. He employs magic as a medium to convey his messages to public. He founded the first magic academy of Asia at Thiruvananthapuram. His passion for delivering magical messages and sincere commitment to serve the welfare of society has transformed Muthukad is a motivator and an inspiring speaker.

Additional information and registration Link

  • PICNIC 2018: COMA Picnic for this year will be at Liberty park, tentatively scheduled for 22nd July. We have planned multiple activities for every age group. Make sure you block your calendars!
  • ONAM Sadya and Cultural Events: Onam 2018 has been scheduled for September 8th  at Westerville Central High School. We have started its preparations already! See the note below for cultural events planning.
Onam Cultural Event Registration

Interested in participating for Tiruvathirakkali this year? Please reach out to Seethal via email at seethalbabu.s@gmail.com or at (215) 821-4033. A total of 11 participants needed. [Entries will be selected on first come-first serve basis. Once 11 entries are received, Tiruvathira registration will be closed. Selected individuals will be contacted]

All other cultural programs:
Please fill in the below google form and submit by August 3rd : Google Form for Event Registration
[Entries received after the last date will be on waiting list]
Selected entries will be informed by August 17th. The entries will be selected on first come-first serve basis and judged on variety, considering time constraints and audience interests.
Any queries? You can email us at coma.officials@gmail.com or contact Sangeetha Muthiraparabath (Secretary) at +1 (614) 571-7632 or Seethal Babu (Joint Secretary) at 215-821-4033.

Eenangal, Eeradikal – Souvenir Published commemorating C.O.M.A 10 year anniversary and Chirashalabhangal.

Download Part I

Download Part II

C.O.M.A WhatsApp Groups

  1. C.O.M.A Announcemens- COMA events, news and other relevant local information will be shared via this group. You can join via this link -> Join C.O.M.A Announcements
  2. ‘Active’ C.O.M.A: This group is created to cater to members who are interested in participating in weekend activities such as walking, jogging, trekking etc. The group meets Sunday morning at 8 AM for a 5k walk in one of the Metro Parks in Central Ohio area. A trek/walk is planned at Hocking Hills on Sunday June 24th. Join ‘Active C.O.M.A’

[Use these groups for posts specific to the group’s purpose. C.O.M.A Announcements is just to communicate events and news and no response or comments is expected]

Congratulations to Dhanush!

Many of you may know that Dhanush is a ‘Sakala kala vallabhan!’ His signature can be seen during most of the C.O.M.A events. The four pillars and decoration on it that you see during our major events is one of those. He is an expert in several musical instruments as well, and has performed in several stages with popular singers and bands!

Chitra and Sharreth were very impressed with his talent and offered him to play ‘Edakka’ on stage during their program at Chicago! Congratulations Dhanush!! Wish you great success in your future endeavors!

Facebook Link: Dhanush playnig Edakka During Chitra Event at Chicago

Malayalam Class 2017-2018

Class of 17-18 concluded the season on May 20th. Twenty juniors and seven seniors completed the course and were given certificates after the last class of the academic year.

COMA has been sponsoring a Malayalam class for the last several years. The class is gaining attention thanks to the hard work of our volunteering teachers Veda Warrier, Venu Nair, Madhu Parameshwaran, Prahlad Trivikraman Indira and Priyadarsini Kumar. Juniors are taught “balapatham” and seniors learn to appreciate Kerala culture, history, and literature.

Our teachers have been volunteering for many years and will appreciate any help with the classes. As the class size is growing year after year, we are looking for additional help in planning and conducting the classes. If you are interested in volunteering or want to know more about the coming academic year (starting in August) please contact us at coma.officials@gmail.com.

Registration for the next academic year will start soon.

COMA Youth Corner

Important One

By Arya Janardhanan, Grade: 6th

You are everywhere I see,

For life you are the key,

Everyone would agree,

Without you, they would behave badly,

I pour you into my cup with glee,

You move around like the sea,

And into my mouth you flee,

You are very important to me!

Community Service NewsCOMA started Meals on Wheels deliveries in Jun 26th 2016. We deliver two routes every month starting this year, on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, May 13th:

  • Nish Nishant (registered MOW volunteer)
  • Shibu Nair
  • Arun Davis
  • Rohan Nishant

Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, May 27th:

  • Arun Kumar
  • Jacob Vengal
  • Adithya Arun

Please note that we are still welcoming volunteers to the COMA volunteer pool. A typical Meals on Wheels delivery involves about 4 hours of your time. If you’d like to volunteer, please get in touch with the EC team via coma.officials@gmail.com.FIA Events and other Events around Central Ohio
Governor Kasich, in a new initiative, has opened new opportunities to immigrants – New Americans – in Ohio.
Please click on the following link and take advantage of the many opportunities: https://development.ohio.gov/newamericans

India Festival 2018

Indian Ambassador Navtej Sama In Columbus

FIA hosted a banquet dinner with Indian Ambassador on May 17th.

Not a COMA Member Yet?
If you have not already, we request you to become a member of COMA at COMA Membership this year and support our activities. There are several benefits of being a member. In addition to ‘guaranteed’ discounts for major events, you will have discounts available at some of the Indian retailers, access to Malayalam class etc. We also request you to allocate some time to volunteer for our regular events and our community outreach events! These are extremely satisfying moments!Till next time…


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