COMA Newsletter April 2018

Hello Friends!

Looks like Spring took a year off and Summer is right here. 😊

We finally can start that Spring cleaning and planning out the summer trips this year after a really long winter. Those with the green thumb must be already out there with your gardening gloves.

April was a big month for COMA this year. So lets dive into details!

Chitrashalabhangal – Mega Musical Event 2018: May 19th

Preparation for the event is in full swing.  Chitra, Sharrath, Roopa and Nishad will be accompanied by twelve musicians. The team is already in US and performed in several stages. They will sing Malayalam, Tamil and other languages. There are a few more tickets available. Kindly reserve your seats before the sections are sold out.
We will be donating $5000 to the fund supporting families of fallen Westerville Police Officers. With your support, COMA has already donated $1000 right after the incident.
More information and online purchase:

COMA 10th Anniversary Special Event- 5k run 

Nish Nishant, COMA 5K Run Coordinator

This year is COMA’s 10th year anniversary, and we kicked off the 10 year celebrations with a 5K walk/run charity fundraiser for the YWCA host-a-meal program. Over 120 people participated in the run, ranging from children as young as 6 to some of our more mature patrons. People also brought in their dogs, and some folks turned up purely to support the runners, contributing to a warm family atmosphere. The EC team handed out trophies to those that finished first under various gender/age categories, but it was quite commendable that every participant finished the run. 
Congratulations to the winners!

  • Youth Girls: Dhiya Pereira
  • Youth Boys: Peter Wilson and Adithya Muthiraparambath
  • Women: Suji Ponnath
  • Men: Sreekanth Vishwanathan

After the 5K run, we had breakfast together from Maanas, after which there was an inevitable game of soccer, although there were moments when the number of people on the field surpassed the expected 22 players. People also sat and chatted, while others played frisbee. The kids handled the DJ-ing and music. A good majority of the participants then went to Maanas for a group lunch where we made sure that any calories burned off that morning were quickly recuperated.

The EC team has confirmed that we’ve raised enough money to sponsor two YWCA ‘Host A Meal’ events this year. Youth Wing is planning the events. I’d like to personally thank and applaud all of those that participated and supported us, including those of you who made donations even though you could not make it on the day. Proud to be part of a giving community. 

Click here to view more photos:

Active C.O.M.A

We hope all of you had lot of fun during the 5K run couple of weeks ago. Due to the overwhelming response and demand, we kicked off  an ‘Active C.O.M.A’ initiative that will include a brisk walk, jog, run and other physical fun activities through out this summer.

The event was kicked of on Sunday, 5/6/2018 at Glen Oak Park (Same as 5K route). We will meet at the same venue unless otherwise noted on every Sunday morning at 8 AM. The communication will be managed via WhatsApp.
Here is the link to join the group: Click here to join Active C.O.M.A

Upcoming Events

  • COMA Picnic for this year has been scheduled on July 28th,2018 at Liberty park. We have planned multiple activities for every age group. Make sure you block your calendars!
  • COMA’s Got Talent Season 2: Date (Tentatively early July) and venue are being finalized; we are looking for entries in the following categories: Music and Dance (Classical or cinematic), Mimicry, Mono Act, Fancy Dress, Skit, Instrumental Music, Dubsmash, Poetry Recital, Elocution.
  • Onam: Saturday, Sep 8th

Community Service News:

Meals on Wheels – Nish Nishant

COMA started Meals on Wheels deliveries in Jun 26th 2016. We deliver two routes every month, on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.
Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, April 8th:

  • Rajesh Ramachandran (registered MOW volunteer)
  • Megha Rajesh
  • Manjula Nair

Meals-on-Wheels route on Sunday, April 22nd:

  • Sudha Warrier
  • Saira Nawaz

Please note that we are still welcoming volunteers to the COMA volunteer pool. A typical Meals on Wheels delivery involves about 4 hours of your time. If you’d like to volunteer, please get in touch with the EC team via

COMA Youth Corner

Make a Difference!

Anju Anilkumar

In the midst of stress filled evenings concerning finals (students), hectic work and excitation for the upcoming summer, we are all forgetting about one major issue. Environment. Everybody has learned about the phrase, “reduce, reuse and recycle”, but are we even understanding the seriousness of it? The simple, miniscule habits that we all do is affecting the environment in some way. A healthy, clean atmosphere means a healthy, clean you. Many are trying their best to care and give a small amount of time a day, just to make the environment better. However, there is a large sum of people who simply do not care, unfortunately. Acts of environmental care can be as simple as placing a plastic water bottle in a recycling bin, not a trash can. Today, several events are occurring such as pollution, global warming, overpopulation, waste disposal problems, deforestation, acidification, loss in biodiversity and several more. Now, many of us cannot do much about acidification of seas, but we can fix and gloss our daily habits. Turn off the faucet. Turn off the light when not in use. Support the community for landfills. Compost. Be careful with water use. Anything. The smallest acts will make a large difference in the long run. If we all positively try to contribute to the better of our environment, in the future we will be rewarded greatly. So start today, you may never know the affect!

Rekha Nair elected Vice Chairman of FIA for the year!

Congratulations Rekha! She was elevated as the Vice Chairman of FIA Ohio during the last board meeting. We wish her he best in her new role!



FIA Events and other Events around Central Ohio

“Chithirai Thirunaal” celebration with Sadya in Vazha Ila!

Columbus Tamil Sangam is hosting its annual “Chithirai Thirunaal” celebration event on May 12, 2018. During this event, CTS is presenting a Traditional Tamil Nadu Feast on Banana Leaf. CTS is bringing an expert Chef and crew from Chicago to prepare this special treat.

Ticket Details:
Member Adults: $20
Non-Member Adults: $28
Member/Non-Member Kids (4 – 12): $12
Date: May 12, 2018 (Saturday) – 11.00 AM onwards
Venue: Hastings Middle School, 1850 Hastings Ln, Columbus, OH 43220
Tickets available online at:
Small children who can be in your lap won’t need separate ticket. CTS invites you to come enjoy this delightful treat!
Loosen your belt and get ready!! Even better, lose the belt and savor the feast uninterrupted!!

  1. “Tirunelveli” Halwa
  2.  “Dharmapuri” Spinach Vada
  3. Veg Pulao
  4. “Chettinad” Okra Pachadi
  5. “Coimbatore” Mixed Veg Curry
  6. “Nagarcoil” Aviyal
  7. Roasted Taro root
  8. “Chettinad” Snake-Gourd in Lentil stew
  9. Steamed Rice
  10. Lentils powder + Ghee
  11. “Tanjore” Special Sambar
  12. Spicy Tangy Gravy (Vatthakulambu)
  13. Lentil soup (Paruppu Rasam)
  14. Appalam
  15. Home-made Yogurt
  16. Spicy Pickle
  17. Fried hot chili pepper
  18. Banana
  19. “Madurai” sago vermiselli Kheer

Get Involved!

Please let us know at if you would like to get involved with any of the following:

  • COMA Youth Wing
  • Malayalam Class

Not a COMA Member Yet?
If you have not already, we request you to become a member of COMA at COMA Membership this year and support our activities. There are several benefits of being a member. In addition to ‘guaranteed’ discounts for major events, you will have discounts available at some of the Indian retailers, access to Malayalam class etc. We also request you to allocate some time to volunteer for our regular events and our community outreach events! These are extremely satisfying moments!
Till next time…


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